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Nutrition Bag Contents

 To donate in support of nutrition bags for Bridgeview School, please click on the donate button and follow the directions.

 Contents - Weekend Nutrition Bags:
1. Mac and cheese 

    (microwavable, individual package)      

2. Ravioli or Chef Boyardee pastas 

    (microwavable, individual package)      

3. Applesauce or other fruit cup 

    (non refrigerated, individual package)      

4.  Juice box or Capri Sun 

5.  Pop tarts (One package)       

     (Each package contains 2 Pop Tarts)        

6.  Cereal box (individual serving package)

7.  White milk, Example: Horizon 

(non refrigerated individual package)

8.  Yahoo chocolate milk or hot chocolate mix 

 (non refrigerated individual package)   

9.  Pudding cup 

(non refrigerated individual package)

10. Snack in individual packaging 

(pretzel, chips, Cheez-Its, Gold Fish, 

gummies, cookies)

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